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Our battle for the liberation of Aleppo has unleashed all your lies.

The dividing line Afrín – Azaz – Rákka – Niër-el-Zor – Abu Kamel

Mouna Alno-Nakhal

Asked on August 6th about what was happening in Aleppo, General Amin Hoteit described a situation that we summarize in the following few lines:

“In Aleppo, the American alternative plan for Syria focuses, the US having developed two plans to achieve their purpose. As the main plan failed to dominate all over Syria, replacing the legitimate government with a regime of diviners, everyone fell back on the implementation of the second one, which is now aimed only at dominating the north of the country.

This means the division of Syria by a line from Efrin to the west, to Abu Kamal in the east, including Aleppo, Manbej, Rache, Deir al-Zhor … Aleppo will become the Capital of the north and the Damascus capital of the south.

A controversial dismemberment due to the latest military successes of the Syrian Arab army and its allies, who have managed to besiege the terrorists who operate from the eastern regions of Aleppo and stop feeding them from Turkey for which you must not believe either For a moment, that it is not involved in the influx of huge resources made available to it; the US and all NATO states putting their full weight in order to break the siege of terrorists and to Soon their plan.

In fact, in addition to one of the worst medieval wars, using the eternal humanitarian argument of poor malicious terrorists – who allegedly did not violate any ceasefire, although the chief negotiator of the Riyadh opposition group, Mohammad Allouche, Has said that it will light up all the fronts from Geneva last April – and especially making use of media misinformation about a supposed defeat by the Syrian Arab Army in order to force the fall of Ha “Five successive waves of terrorists started against Aleppo, with 8,000 fighters for the first, 5,000 for the second, 7,000 for the third, and 8,000 for the fourth, focused on two axes south of Aleppo” .

28,000 terrorists in less than a week! Starting from this fact, what to think about information that has invested in print and TV, local and regional, these past three days? It is an article entitled “360,000 Foreign Fighters Fought the Syrian Arab Army,” published by a research center whose acronym is FCFS, for “Firil Center For Studies” [2]. We have not been able to find out whether it is a Berlin-based center or a German center. It covers the period from 10 April 2011 to 31 January 2016 and claims to have based its study on the number of deaths published by various media and 51 other regional and international sources.

In short, these 360,000 people who came to make their piece in Syria with successive waves come from 93 nationalities, from all continents and all Arab countries, without exception. 95,000 are reported to have died and 90,000 are reported to be on the Syrian soil today, distributed between Daes and Jabhat Fateh al-Cham [former Front al-Nushra]. It is estimated that about 45 billion dollars have been spent on their campaign in Syria.

Altogether, European and US nationals are reported to have reached 21,500 of which only 8,500 returned to their country. The palm of the largest number was given to holders of Turkish citizenship, with Turkey announcing the loss of 350 soldiers, officers and pilots who died supposedly under other circumstances. Here are the Saudis with 5,990 dead for 24,500 enlisted under the flag of the terrorist organizations raging in Syria; the Jordanians amount to 3,900, of whom 1,990 were killed. With regard to foreign women, the prevalence Tunisia.


After what happened in Aleppo and continues, no one has the right to wonder what is really happening in Syria, despite the claims of one and the other, because the truth has reached a certain degree of certainty.

What has so upset the Western powers and all the United Nations organizations at the time the Syrian Arab army managed to besiege the terrorists before launching its liberation battle to defeat them and release this beautiful millennial city from the rage their;

Why did they throw their mercenaries in Syria, those responsible, drowning them in a flood of money, arms and ammunition, and for years, the countless gangs of terrorists wandered to destroy this city, bombard its neighborhood, murder its people, Plundering its factories and destroying the historical monuments that are recognized as the heritage of humanity, whose protection and preservation is the duty of all?

Why were the Western powers hit by a kind of hysteria more than blatant after the Amnesty Ordinance issued by President Al-Assad and the announcement of the opening of safe corridors for citizens wishing to leave the Aleppo-controlled neighborhoods of terrorists? Their exorbitant statements were launched from all sides, the media explained to them the need to stop the dialogue with Russia and to decide once and for all to immediately hit the Syrian Arab army and Hezbollah on the Syrian territory?

Many newspapers insisted on this need to “abandon the policy of dialogue and resort to military choice only”, such as the Washington Post and the New York Times, on whose pages Dennis Ross, always and always willing to Put his pen on the Zionist service, returned to say that “it’s finally time to bomb Assad” [3], to avoid the situation being changed for the benefit of the Syrian Arab Army:

[There is an alternative: to punish the Syrian government for violating the ceasefire by striking with unmanned airplanes and cruise missiles the bases, airports and army positions of the Syrian Arab Army, where there are no Russian troops … time for the US to use the language they understand Mr. Assad and Mr. Putin …]

And many UN organizations have called dozens of extraordinary meetings to exacerbate the sense of danger of what is happening in Aleppo, for the balance of things, and the question is: who is defending who in this bloated but always upright city?

The objective analysis of the statements of Western officials, with Obama head, and a large number of widely circulated Western media reports since the Syrian Arab army and its allies began to make significant progress with the possibility of releasing Aleppo from The terrorist hordes do not prove that they all serve terrorism and terrorists and work to prolong the hemorrhage in Syria by the mercenaries who are ultimately Ionian manipulated by Zionists, Arab reactionaries and imperialism?

Without any shame, they use every excuse by failing to say that the liberation of Aleppo would resolve the war against Syria in favor of the Syrian people and its allies, and it is now clear that they are trying to gain ground in exploiting terrorists with whom they would like to replace the government of Syria.

This proves without doubt that the West knows very well that there is no “moderate opposition” and, above all, that it does not feel ashamed to support, in the light of day, bloodthirsty gangs that have killed civilians in our country for more than five years.

It proves, again without a doubt, that the Russian intervention in Syria aims, in words and actions, to fight and eradicate terrorism, while all Western interventions, in all their forms, are destined to exhaust and use Syria In order to serve the Zionist plan, to eliminate the Palestinian affair and the right of the Arabs to land and their homes, while at the same time covering the colonial and geostrategic interests of the West in Syria and throughout our region.

And precisely at this moment when the battles for the liberation of Aleppo and the West reveal its true face standing firmly against terrorism and terrorists, the Zionist entity continues to wreak havoc in Palestine, killing innocent and resistance, Ruining rustic houses, grabbing land, occupying wells, destroying the crops of a people subjected to detestable occupation.

And all this, while US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter devotes all his efforts to restoring the coherence of criminal terrorism that came from Israel and Jordan to the Syrian Arab army in southern Syria [4] and tries to sow discord in the city of Suweida and other cities of the region.

Therefore, given this old and at the same time new state of the moment, given what has suffered our patient and resistance people in Aleppo, we must put the tones on the phonemes, say things by their name, stating our positions Away from any terminology that could cause confusion. We must say clearly that:

The Zionist and colonial powers are conducting a fierce war against Syria through their regional and international Arab mediators, with the primary aim of undermining Syria’s role in the region and the Arab world in favor of the Zionist plan and the colonial interests of the West.
The Syrian people, their army and allies fight with honor against the bloodthirsty terror that is publicly supported by the West, Israel and the tyrants of the Arab reactionary regimes.
Anyone who carries weapons outside the state’s territory serves the interests of terrorism and terrorists.
Every Syrian wanting Syria, wherever it may be, aspires only to the return of peace and security, the return of its inhabitants and its reconstruction away from the greed of the imperialists and the reactionaries that fight its independence and the esteem Her patriotic position.
Anathema to changes in the flags of terrorists and to the theories that justify their anger because terrorism is one and the purpose of it is always the same. The only way to get rid of it is to resist it vigorously and to eliminate it once and for all The terrible and destructive wound.
From this real resistance depends the salvation of Syria, the region and the world.

Bouthaina Shaaban, political adviser to President Bashar al-Assad and “Daughter of the Earth”

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