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Sources across the Middle East are reeling with the resignation of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri. Harari’s resignation, ordered by Saudi Arabia and, by our estimation Israel as well, signals a new phase of wars as the “ISIS experiment” draws to a close.

Hariri claimed Iran and Hezbollah were planning to assassinate him. From the UK Guardian:

“We are living in a climate similar to the atmosphere that prevailed before the assassination of [his father, the late prime minister] martyr Rafik Hariri. I have sensed what is being plotted covertly to target my life,” he said in a televised speech on Saturday.

Hariri said Iran was “losing in its interference in the affairs of the Arab world”, and that Lebanon would “rise as it had done in the past” and “cut off the hands that wickedly extend into it”.

However, our sources say Hariri’s resignation signals a new round of conflicts.

The new “proxy war” intended to replace ISIS will have a major terror component and, according to Syrian security sources, threaten the Gulf States, Europe and the US.

Saudi Arabia has begun radicalizing the Kurds, who normally travel freely in the West. Their American armed and trained forces in Syria along with factions in “post-Barzani” KRG in Iraq will be Saudi Arabia’s new force.

Were one to take the least conspiratorial view of ISIS, it is still unavoidable noting that it is a Wahhabist proxy group, organized and financed by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has always supplied economic and military support for ISIS and has done so publicly while the international community has remained silent.

As of this writing, last of ISIS, their leaders and most dedicated surviving fighters, are being ferried through SDF lines and moved to safe havens among the refugee camps along the Syrian Jordanian border.

Syrian officials report that these camps, which are not open to aid organizations or other NGO’s, are providing terror training and refitting of up 20,000 fighters who survived the Syrian and Iraq battles.

Three weeks ago, Russia published satellite photos showing American vehicles loading at ISIS military facilities inside SDF controlled areas. There is considerable evidence that the SDF and ISIS have been coordinating inside Syria.

Over the past 60 days, Saudi Arabia has begun buying Syrian Kurdish (SDF) leaders, in an attempt to buy a Syrian civil war that may draw in both the US and Russia.

Along with this, moves across the region, destabilizing Jordan and even the Gulf States, are in motion as well as inside Iraq.

Saudi Arabia and Israel have ordered Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri to resign. We believe a war is planned against Lebanon and Kurdistan where bases of operation for wider war can be established.

The goal it seems, and not for the first time, is chaos.

Simultaneously, at the US training camp at al Tanf in Southern Syria, the remnants of ISIS are being gathered from around the region and reformed into a new Saudi/US backed “moderate opposition,” to reopen a front on Syria’s southern flank, where Saudi Arabia’s military can be deployed.

US Involvement

The US has built a series of bases across Syria with one inside the city of Raqqah coming online in early November. There are also bases at Rimelan in Hasakah Governate, Kobani in Aleppo Province and a major base in Sheddai, near Syria’s largest oil deposits, a coincidence of course.

US led convoys from Palmyra and Qualamon were spotted today, as were a dozen or more helicopters gathering terrorists from both Syria and Iraq.

The “Eastern Lion Group,” in Jordan, under the supervision of the MOK, the multi-national war room, US, Saudi, British, Israeli, will be mobilized against Syria. This 20,000 man force will be setting up a “fall back” terror organization against Syria which may well backfire with attacks on Europe and the US according to Syrian officials.

Some SDF Kurdish forces are now being recruited into this organization. The Syrian Kurds, who according to Syrian sources came to that nation as refugees (always disputed) are being radicalized.

Simultaneously, there are political moves inside Iraq against former Prime Minister Maliki and the governing Shiite coalition. The cards are being reshuffled, for a new war as the cannon fodder remnants of ISIS, the Israeli, Saudi proxy army, are being slaughtered on the Syrian/Iraqi border.

Hariri announced his resignation following his visits to Saudi Arabia. The resignation also comes less than a month after he announced plans to join a coalition government with Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah. He became prime minister in 2016 after serving another term between November 2009 and June 2011.


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