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Operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces in figures 

  1. 30 000 combat sorties
  2. 92 000 airstrikes
  3. 96 000 terrorist targets destroyed
  4. 87,4% of Syria’s territory liberated
  5. 2,237 residential areas are now part of the cease-fire regime


Terrorist targets destroyed by the Russian Aerospace Forces

  1. 25,526 terrorist command and fortified posts
  2. 528 oilfields, refineries, fuel pumping stations and fuel transporting convoys
  3. 53,707 terrorists
  4. 970 terrorist training camps
  5. 6,769 weapons and ammo depots
  6. 9,328 miscellaneous terrorist targets


International Mine Action Center of the Russian Armed Forces

  1. 5,295 hectares of territory cleared of mines
  2. 60,384 explosive devices defused
  3. 102 Syrian sappers undergoing training
  4. 586 Syrian sappers trained


Mine clearance operations

Palmyra (summer 2016)

In the course of a month-a-half-month-long operation over 800 hectares of territory, 23 kilometers of roads and 10 heritage sites were cleared of explosives. Over 2,500 buildings were also cleared of mines. Some 17,500 explosive objects were defused, as well as 400 improvised explosive devices. The Mine Action Center resumed operations after Palmyra was liberated for the second time; 1,514 hectares were cleared of mines and 6,609 explosive devices were found and destroyed.

 Aleppo (December 2016 — February 2017), (March 8, 2017 — April 20, 2017)

A total of 2,956 hectares, 945 kilometers of roads and more than 4,500 buildings (including 90 schools, four day care centers and 25 medical centers) were cleared of explosives. Some 36,000 explosive devices were defused.

Deir ez-Zor (September 2017 — present)

The mine clearance operation involved 175 specialists of the Mine Action Center and 42 units using special engineering equipment.

  • Liberation of Palmyra
  • Liberation of Aleppo
  • Breach of the Deir ez-Zor blockade
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